Axels Nöjesfalt, the amusement park, was founded in 1928 by Axel Andrèasson. It went very well for Axel and his company, and he soon expanded with more attractions.

Today the company have more than hundred fairground attractions and it is the largest mobile amusement park in Europe. We have also a permanent park in Malmö. Today we are able to supply high quality rides and equipment for any event, from a single ride to a complete fun fair.

Recommendations about our company can be offered from places we visited for more than 45 years in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. Every year we supply the company with the newest attractions on the market. We can split the company in different divisions, so it can fit into all event, neither too large or too small.

About the economic agreement, we are greatful for proposal from You. We are also willing to co-operate with a guarantee amount. By experience we know that the turnaround increase every year and will bring more profit to our customers.

All Axels attractions are inspected and approved by SALVENS in Sweden and by DNV, Den Norske Veritas in Norway.

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Kontor i Sverige
Axels Nöjesfält Tony Andrèasson AB
Snöstorpsvägen 105
302 48 Halmstad
Tlf. +46 35 10 15 80
Fax. +46 35 10 15 43
Mob. +46 70 22 12 000 (Tony)
Mob. +46 70 21 02 000 (Jimmy)
Kontor i Norrge
Axels tivoli
Åsmund Eide Herreperveien 13 B
1709 Sarpsborg
Tlf. +47 33 31 90 61
Fax. +47 33 31 90 62
Mob. +47 97 58 21 20 (Osmondo)
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